How to get your own Google+ Custom “Vanity” URL – If You’re Already On Google+

by Todd on October 30, 2013

For the last couple of days, a lot of my internet marketing friends and I have been discussing their new Google+ Custom “Vanity” URL’s.

Notice how I wrote “their” URL’s?

Well, it took forever, but I finally got mine. So, I thought I’d share my experience so others won’t spend ridiculous amounts of time searching and reviewing their google+ account / page in a pointless effort to find how it works.

So, here’s my tutorial.

I want to show you exactly how it worked out for me. (I won’t bore you with all the jealousy-filled discussions on Facebook that predicated this exciting event.)

I will, however, tell you that I checked my email via my mobile device at 10:05 PM tonight and jumped to my feet with glee when I saw this message:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.12.17 PM

(Click any image below to zoom in) 

This is what I saw after I opened my Google+ Page:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.13.01 PM


Yet, just an hour earlier, this is what I saw on my Google+ Profile:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 8.41.05 PM

Note the difference, where you see the alert bar at the top of the page:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.13.19 PM

Once I clicked the “Get URL” link, I saw:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.13.48 PM

I had to confirm the TOS and agree that I want +ToddFarmer:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.13.58 PM

Then, apparently I needed to confirm (yet again) my identity via a text message to my cell phone:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.14.35 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.15.35 PM

Upon confirmation of my identity and confirming my kick-ass Google+ Vanity URL, I see the following final confirmation message:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.16.20 PM

Then, voila!  It’s done!

You can now find me on Google+ with my name, Todd Farmer!


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