Consulting and History

Todd Farmer started his internet marketing software company, “Kowabunga! Technologies“, in 1996.  At that time, he and his partners created, marketed, distributed, sold and supported an email marketing software.  He built his company around high standards of quality — every aspect was exceptional:  the products, the people, the culture.

In 1998, he redefined his company from a provider of Email Marketing Software, into one of the first Affiliate Tracking and Management Software providers, with his software, “The Affiliate Program”, or “TAP”, for short.  TAP was software that was distributed on clients’ servers, and there were versions for both PERL and ASP.  Further, the software was packaged in such a way that many could afford, and could customize with the popular modules made available, and customizations that would be provided on a per-client basis.

At that time, he created, as a co-branded “Affiliate Training Center” for his clients’ affiliates to learn Affiliate Marketing Best Practices, within the interface of his clients’ Affiliate Software.

In 1999, he decided to deploy his software “as a service”, with an ASP model (“application solution provider”), instead of the administratively challenging “deployed software” model of TAP, and rebranded the software as “My Affiliate Program“, or “MYAP”, for short.

MYAP was a very popular Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Management Software, and was adopted by several thousand merchants who desired to start their own affiliate program.

In 2000, Todd expanded the business by offering Affiliate Marketing Consulting and Management with his “Team Affiliate” division — effectively, one of the first outsourced Affiliate Program Management companies.

In 2001, Todd launched “Kolimbo – The Open Affiliate Network“, as a way to provide affiliates of Kowabunga’s thousands of merchants with an aggregated center for reporting and utilizing the marketing collateral provided by their merchants.  Soon thereafter, Kolimbo began to take on a life of its own — evolving from more than a simple data and login aggregator, but rather a portal for affiliates and merchants to connect, partner, and succeed within a simple interface.

In 2005, Todd sold Kowabunga to (then named) CGI Holding Corporation.  CGI was, at that time, a company designed to be a “mutual fund”, if you will, of internet marketing-focused companies, including Kowabunga (and MYAP, Opt In Pro, Kolimbo), along with “WebSourced”, PrimaryAds, Morex Marketing, Ilead Media, Real Estate School Online, and many more.  In 2006, CGI changed the company name to “Think Partnership”, and was listed on the AMEX as “THK”.  Late in 2007, THK changed the company name to “Kowabunga!”, ticker “KOW”.  The company, yet again, changed their name to Inuvo, ticker “INUV”.

In July, 2008, Todd completed his contractual employment obligations with Inuvo and is now founder / CEO of PerformStreet Media, a media network of distribution entities.  Also, a few select companies consider Todd’s consulting services invaluable and have grown their companies substantially. Further, he currently provides volunteer marketing services to philanthropic organizations.

With an in depth understanding of: profitably growing a company from grass roots and a bootstrap budget; developing a culture within the organization that develops, appreciates and rewards employees;  “all things internet marketing”; distributing products and advertisements; creating, deploying and optimizing sophisticated and integrated technology and related development; company and product branding and implementation — Todd has a unique perspective on “Integrated Performance Marketing“.

To inquire about Affiliate Marketing Consulting or other services with Todd Farmer, please simply email him:  todd at toddfarmer dot com.

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